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Is It Better To Get A Massage Or See A Chiropractor?

Deciding between a massage and chiropractic care can feel like a wellness crossroads. Both therapies offer significant benefits for relieving pain, enhancing mobility, and improving overall health. However, understanding the distinct advantages of each can guide you to the best choice for your specific needs.

A massage excels in relaxing tense muscles and improving circulation, making it ideal for stress relief and muscle recovery. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, focuses on aligning the body’s structure, particularly the spine, to optimize body function and support healing. Fortunately, Ascent Chiropractics is both a Seatac chiropractor and a Seatac Massage Therapy center. Our experts can help you decide which treatment is most suitable for your needs.

But first, check out this blog post which delves into the nuances of both treatments. Between this blog post and our supportive team, you can make an informed decision on which path to wellness suits you best.

Chiropractic Care

➢ Focus: Chiropractors help their clients struggling with musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders manage pain. They use spinal adjustments and manipulations to improve spinal function and alleviate pain.
➢ When to visit a chiropractor: Consider seeing a chiropractor if you are grappling with back pain or any other problems that affect your spine, neck, back, or joints, or if you have symptoms that might be related to nerve issues. Chiropractic care can reduce the symptoms of sciatica, chronic pain, and certain types of headaches.
➢ Goals: The primary goal of chiropractic care is to correct alignment issues, relieve pain, and improve function. It is 100 percent drug-free and can help reduce dependence on pain medication. Timely intervention can eliminate the need for surgery.

Massage Therapy

➢ Focus: Massage therapists use various massage techniques to manipulate muscles and soft tissues. The goal is to promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension, and improve circulation.
➢ When to visit a massage therapist: Consider a massage therapist if you want to reduce muscle tension, or improve circulation. In addition to reducing pain and increasing flexibility, massage therapy can help you manage stress, improving your overall well-being.
➢ Goals: The goal of massage therapy is to promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension, and improve well-being. Studies show that massage therapy can help injured muscles heal faster, speeding up injury recovery. It can be used as an adjunct to traditional pain management methods.


➢ Specific needs: If your muscles feel tight and difficult to move, a massage therapist might be more suitable. If, on the other hand, your spine is misaligned or you’re experiencing nerve pain, consider a chiropractor.
➢ Complementary therapies: For some conditions, a combination of chiropractic care and massage therapy might be beneficial. The two approaches can complement each other well, with chiropractic care addressing alignment issues and massage therapy focusing on muscle tension.

If you’re unsure, consider consulting your primary healthcare provider or both a chiropractor and a massage therapist for their assessments. A professional can offer advice based on your specific health needs.

Whether you need a massage or chiropractic care, Ascent Chiropractic has got you covered. We take a whole-body approach to care, which involves treating the body as a whole. Our tried and tested techniques are designed to strengthen and stabilize the body, allowing our clients to continue participating in their favorite activities. To learn more, call 206-241-3836.


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