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How to Alleviate Chronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain is a highly complicated condition, and it isn’t as simple as “just take some rest, and you’ll be fine,” as most people think.

Chronic back pain requires immediate action to get quick relief and long-term effort to heal the root cause. Like with any health concern, the more you know about it, the better your chances of successful treatment.

At Ascent Chiropractic, our practitioners understand that when you’re in pain, you are not living your best life. Our team has gathered some tips and tricks to help you eliminate that pain as soon as possible and give your body a fighting chance at healing itself from the inside out.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system, including the spine. Chiropractic treatment involves gentle manipulation of the joints in your spine to relieve pressure on nerves and promote healing in damaged tissues.

This treatment is beneficial for conditions such as sciatica (pain that radiates down the leg) or disc herniation (when part of a disc bulges out).

Manage Your Posture

Proper posture is key to preventing and managing chronic back pain. Chronic back pain is often caused by poor posture. We tend to slouch when we sit or stand for long periods, which puts strain on our backs.

To prevent this, try to straighten your spine as much as possible while sitting or standing. This could mean using a lumbar support pillow or leaning against a wall if necessary.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

Physical therapy is often recommended as a way of treating chronic back pain. Physical therapists are trained professionals who can help you learn how to move more efficiently and reduce the stress on your body. They can also teach you exercises that strengthen your body’s core muscles and improve your posture.

Ice and Heat

Experts recommend alternating between cold packs and heat packs to relieve muscle spasms and reduce inflammation in your body. Ice and heat are some of the most commonly used treatments to alleviate chronic back pain.

Ice and heat can be used for 20 minutes, up to three times daily. You may have heard that heat can cause swelling in your body, but this is not true because heat causes blood vessels to expand while cold constricts them.

Suitable Footwear

High heels can cause stress on the spine because they change your body position as you stand or walk. High heels also force you to alter how you move and support yourself, which can lead to more strain on the back muscles.

All of the above are great ways to alleviate lower back pain, but if you are looking for a serious way to mitigate pain in the long run, then it is time to pursue a long-term chiropractic care plan with your practitioner.

At Ascent Chiropractic, we understand that chronic lower back pain can take a toll on your physical and mental health; thus, we can help you with long-term relief and healing. Our team of specialists can provide a wellness plan tailored to your individual needs. To schedule your appointment, visit our website or call us at (206) 241-3836.


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