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8 Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor After a Personal Injury

Recovering from a personal injury can be a challenging journey, filled with various treatments and therapies. Among these, chiropractic care stands out as a holistic approach that not only addresses immediate pain but also aids in long-term healing and rehabilitation.

Our focus at Ascent Chiropractic is to guide you through this recovery process, ensuring a return to optimal health and well-being. In this post, we’ll delve into the numerous benefits of chiropractic care for individuals recovering from personal injuries, emphasizing how it can be an essential component of your healing regimen right here in Des Moines.

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Pain Relief

Chiropractic care is effective in reducing pain, affecting different parts of the body including the back, neck, and joints. If you suffered a whiplash injury, chiropractic care can reduce inflammation, restore proper joint alignment, and improve posture, helping speed up your recovery. During a chiropractic adjustment, your body releases feel-good hormones that relieve pain and promote wellbeing.

Improved Mobility

A personal injury can affect your mobility and limit your range of motion. Chiropractic care can help improve one’s mobility and range of motion by reducing pain, realigning the spine, and reducing muscle tension. Some studies show that chiropractic care can improve flexibility and muscular strength, reducing one’s risk of future injuries.

It is Non-Invasive

Every surgery has some risks. Chiropractic care is non-invasive, hence, a better alternative to surgery. No wonder it is fast becoming the first choice of people who wish to avoid the risks of surgery and ensure a smooth recovery.

Reduces Dependence on Medication

Many people use painkillers to manage injury pain. Several over-the-counter pain medications and prescription drugs have side-effects and can be addictive. Chiropractic care is 100 percent drug-free and can reduce the need for pain medications, thereby lowering the risk of side effects and dependency.

Helps Manage Inflammation

Acute inflammation can delay healing and it may take longer to return to work after a personal injury. It can lead to pain, discomfort, and health issues. Chiropractic adjustments can reduce inflammation by improving circulation and regulating immune response.

Stress Relief

Studies show that stress can delay wound healing. It can also increase one’s risk of several physical and mental health problems. Chiropractic care can help manage stress by stimulating the body to release feel-good hormones that reduce pain, improve mood, and promote well-being.

Improved Sleep

Pain and discomfort caused by an injury can disrupt sleep. Sleep deprivation can slow the healing process. Chronic sleep deprivation can increase one’s risk of serious health conditions. Chiropractic care can alleviate pain and promote relaxation, helping improve sleep quality.

Holistic Approach

Chiropractic care focuses on the whole individual, rather than just their symptoms. Chiropractors use proven chiropractic techniques to diagnose health problems and address their root causes.

Ascent Chiropractic takes a holistic approach to patient care. We use tried and tested techniques to strengthen and stabilize the body so our clients can continue to partake in their favorite activities without worrying about injury. To learn more, call 206-241-3836 to make an appointment today.


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