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5 Ways to Get Better Results from Your Massage Therapy Treatment

Massage therapy involves manipulating soft tissues in the body to relieve pain caused by musculoskeletal conditions. In massage therapy, a massage therapist applies controlled pressure using deep, slow strokes to target your connective tissues and the inner layers of your muscles. SeaTac massage therapy helps relieve tension that has built up due to an injury or stress.

Some common objectives of massage therapy are reducing pain and improving range of motion, flexibility and circulation. Whether you want to tame stress or speed up wound healing, give massage therapy a try. If you work out regularly, massage therapy can help relax and soften tired and overused muscles.

Here are our top tips to get the most out of your massage therapy treatment.

Fill Out Your Intake Form Carefully

When you visit your therapist for the first time, you will be given an intake form designed to collect your personal and health information. Answer all the questions in your form honestly. The more accurate and thorough your description of symptoms, the better your therapist can tailor your treatment plan.

Be On Time for Your Appointments

Ideally, you should reach your therapist’s clinic 10-15 minutes before an appointment. If this is not possible, at least ensure you arrive on time for your appointments, so you or your therapist won’t have to rush through sessions.

Do Not Drink or Eat Too Much Before an Appointment

Avoid eating a full meal one hour before an appointment. Instead, have a light snack such as a fruit and vegetable salad. Do not drink anything 30 minutes before a session. It’s a bummer when you need to use the restroom in the middle of a massage. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages before a massage.

Hydrate After a Session

Drink plenty of water after a massage to help your body flush out toxins released during the session. Drinking water immediately after a massage is a great way to rehydrate your fascia and muscles and improve circulation. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages after a treatment as they can cause inflammation and undo the benefits of massage therapy.

Communicate Effectively with Your Professional

Give feedback to your professional regularly, helping them understand what’s working and what’s not. If you feel discomfort or pain during a session, ask your professional to stop immediately. During the initial session, your expert will discuss your treatment goals and ask you questions about your family and health history. It’s important that you answer all the questions honestly.

When your expert is discussing home care tips, listen attentively. If you need help understanding a particular technique that your therapist uses or proposes to use, feel free to ask questions.

At Ascent Chiropractic, we use a whole-body approach to care. Our massage therapy techniques are designed to provide whole body relief. To schedule an appointment, call (206) 241-3836.


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