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Everything Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know Before Your Appointment

Massage therapy involves manipulating muscles to relieve pain. There are several benefits of massage therapy. It can help reduce muscle tension and stress hormone levels and improve joint mobility and flexibility. If you are scheduling your first appointment with a massage therapist, you may not know what to expect.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your first massage therapy session.

Undressing is Optional, But Normal

Many people are uncomfortable undressing for their first session. But know that it’s completely normal. Therapists allow their clients to undress to their comfort level. They can choose to undress completely or keep their underwear on. Your therapist will leave the room and return only when you are ready. You can also wear loose-fitting clothes for your massage session. Your therapist will cover exposed body parts with blankets or sheets to ensure you do not get uncomfortable during the session.

Hydration Improves Massage Results

Massage therapy in Burien improves blood circulation and relaxes tense and stiff muscles. To get the most out of a massage therapy session, hydrate before and after it. Drinking water before a massage therapy session is a great way to loosen stiff muscles, making them easier to manipulate. When you are hydrated, blood circulation improves, and nutrients are delivered to muscles. Additionally, water helps flush toxins and lactic acid out of your system.

Massage therapists also recommend drinking lots of water after a massage to prevent soreness and hydrate muscles. Water can aid the detoxification process by helping your kidneys remove toxins from the body.

There Are Several Benefits of Working Out Before a Massage

Exercising before a massage can help relieve muscle fatigue, boost mood, and reduce soreness. Though the muscles you work during a workout before a massage may get fatigued, they will be nicely warmed up and hence, may be more receptive to stimulation.

It’s not advisable to exercise immediately after a massage. Give your muscles time to recover, and rest for at least 24 hours before hitting the gym after a massage.

A Warm Shower Before a Massage May Have Several Benefits

A warm shower before a massage can help calm your mind and body, preparing your muscles to receive stimulation.

It is Advisable to Eat Light Before a Massage

Never get a massage on a full stomach as it can be extremely uncomfortable. You need not starve yourself and can have a light snack before a massage. You may feel hungry after a session and can treat yourself to a hearty meal.

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